What on earth is in my cycling recovery drink?

What the heck are isoflavones?

Recovery drink. You need it when done (even more important than showering). Water won’t do. Keep the sweaty clothes on for a minute and get some protein and carbs inside you.

cyclefucius is not too familiar with the biology/physiology of all this. However, experience says that chemicalish stuff is not my thing (especially of any colour that could be on a pro-team cycling shirt: from the past of course – lately they all seem to be black…). What natural alternatives are there?

The best I have tried? Chocolate milk: protein – tick, carbs – tick, cramps – none. Although the chocolate part is not so natural and really full of sugar. If you’ve just done five hours in extreme weather then this may not really matter. However, if you are getting the weight off then it just seems a bit … heavy.

So plain milk. But also not wanting to ingest too much cholesterol. So skimmed milk. cyclefucius came across some skimmed milk fortified with soya “isoflavones”. What the heck? Same low fat as skimmed but more protein than semi. Trying is believing and I now swear by it. No next day stiffness ever.

These things are probably very personal. But what are your own pro tips?