Reunited … and it feels so good

cyclefucius's shadow

This post was going to be entitled “why cyclefucius is like Peter Pan” (to add to my cyclefucius is not Ryan Gosling or David Bowie series).

The prospect of “not getting any younger” jokes put a stop to that one.

But the point is that, after what seems like months, cyclefucius has been reunited with … his shadow.

A shadow in a puddle is still a shadow. A shadow on snow is still a shadow. cyclefucius’s dogs are less than one year old and probably don’t know that the world usually keeps turning and winter normally does give way at some stage. We that are a little older (ahem) put our faith in this. Although sometimes it does seem as if things have got stuck, the evidence does say that time still always keeps moving forward.

One shadow is not enough to crack out the shorts or the factor 50. And our north-east American cousins may be still waiting. But, people, there is hope! Soon we will be fighting flies!