Dangerous – maybe. Stoopid – no thanks

Stoopid ice

Picture the scene. Person standing at the top of a hill among scattered cars, waving a ski pole (the person not the cars). “It’s totally iced over up there” he says. “But you can look if you want”.

I look at my fattish tyres and am tempted. “MTFU” as they say.

Don’t be stoopid. Training plans are great and motivating (like this blog). But if we are smart they should be adaptable. A bit of “danger” comes with the sport (most sports in fact); but when we get to the borderline with stoopid, it’s OK to pull back. After all, this is supposed to be healthy fun, right?


  • if you come across an icy morass where injury is a more likely outcome than fitness – go round it! (If going up remember that you’ll need to come back down…)
  • if you are sick – don’t make yourself more sick!
  • if you are injured – get better first!
  • if you feel like overtaking cars – slow down and have a drink!

cyclefucius is a tough but contemplative type of guy. Is he being too adaptable… or just doing the proper cost-benefit analysis?