I fell off twice…

This week cyclefucius fell off twice. Curiously, each time while going at less than 5km an hour.

What have I learned from these incidents?

Incident 1: taking the bike when going on “errands” is very tempting – a few extra kilometres, cheaper than petrol, environmentally friendly, all good. The weird thing was that the simple addition of a backpack seemed to completely unbalance the situation and when arriving near the post office looking for a place to “park”, down went the baby, cradle and all. Probably looked much worse due to feet being clipped in. Thank you to some nearby ladies for their concern as I disentangled myself muttering something like “that always happens…”. Lesson: don’t change anything but just remember backpacks and clips are a dangerous cocktail.

Incident 2: stopping to take a phone call on a steep gradient – also tempting (and in the particular case important to do). So far no problem. Getting moving again not so much. Ended up traversing the road sideways in order to get any momentum, turned back to the uphill direction and shoe hit the front wheel. Baby down again. I don’t believe that this is a cleat set-up problem – to me it seems just a “feet larger than frame” problem. But the results (added to the road traversing) seem totally dangerous and unpredictable. Lesson: don’t ever stop? Phone them back later? Walk to the top?

In some ways it seems healthy to fall off sometimes in order not to be scared of falling off. And although micron-thick lycra is not the ideal protective layer, cyclefucius will not be reaching for the goalkeeper shorts yet. So perhaps the real lesson is “be alert, be careful”?


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