Be more boar

You get to see some unique things from a bike. Some recent highlights include frogs, a badger (alas dead – and not even sure if native to Spain?), a random jawbone (not human) by the side of the track.

I saw this little guy the other day. Just behind the photo is a huge natural park so it’s not that strange. (A natural park where gunshots are an everyday thing – I think the Spanish attitude to conservation may need some revisiting. And I may soon be choosing some brighter lycra.)

At first I thought it was a strange looking cat or dog. Then a hail of grunts revealed its full boar-ishness. Pretty cool. Cute – from a safe distance.

Now cyclefucius is inspired to become more boar. Small and grunty. Agressively trying to get back to the pack. Athletic and bristly. Social but not to be messed with. Oink! Somebody stop me!


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