In praise of smog

As a young (non-cycling) person, cyclefucius used to irritate the Lycra out of proper cyclists in London by uttering phrases amusing only to myself such as “if the drivers don’t get you, the pollution will!” Ho ho. Hilarious.

Times have changed. I have changed. I am now the guy receiving the cycling jokes and full of respect for those that move and train anywhere, and especially around London. Cycling is more popular. And I have moved to a place which is more of a cycling heartland.

So these days, I am lucky enough to look down from my house onto a beautiful city on a beautiful plain. But like London or any other large populated area, the beautiful city is dusty and smoggy; and the beautiful plain is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which tend to keep the not so beautiful smog on top of the beautiful city.

But sometimes you look down of a morning and there is no smog to be seen. The beautiful city gleams. Non-cyclists rub their hands and think how healthy it must be. Cyclists realise that there can only be one reason for the absence of smog: gale force winds. At this time of year that means gale force wind-chill.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate smog. But round here more smog equals less weather. And less weather equals happier cyclefucius.


2 thoughts on “In praise of smog

  1. So true how certain hobbies or activities cause a different outlook depending on the point of view. It is amazing sometimes to stop and think from outside your “normal” routine and take a look through a different window of perception. Thank you for the insight!!


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