And so farewell Leopard Trek … bib tights

You were my first winter bottoms and took me around as I was forged into the toughened specimen that I am now. You didn’t make me time trial like Cancellara, or climb like Andy Schleck (back in the day), or even vice versa.


  • yes, you were a Chinese replica copy bought on Ebay;
  • your “genuine Coolmax(Tm)” pad was actually not quite the real deal;
  • three and a half years is asking a lot of any garment;
  • the little Fuscii would laugh at you: “Daddy why do you have a zero on your bottom?!” (actually, good question).

But we shared some times… And cyclefucius would also not like to be cast aside in old age, but lately sitting on you is like sitting on … nothing.

cyclefucius has pondered different options such as replacing the offending pad or putting padded shorts underneath.

Let it go, grasshopper, let it go. My butt and associated parts are delicate and inevitably endangered by lengthy sessions in even the most comfortable of saddles. They deserve if not the best then at least the most adequate money can buy. When the pad goes, you are wearing … tights. Biking in tights cannot be good.

Your matching top is still good (new zip and still fleecy). But alas you must now be relegated to other winter pastimes. Not many got closer than you… Thank you, my friend, time to retire gracefully…


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