cyclefucius’s open letter to the citizens of [fill in the blank]

Dear citizens of [insert name of nearby town with bad acoustics]

Before we start:

– yes, bikes are quiet (come to think about it, probably much quieter to you than to the person on them – which does make you think);
– yes, cyclists also need to tailor their speed to the conditions and take responsibility for road safety;
– yes, traffic laws are there for a reason and need to be respected;
– and yes, cyclefucius may be a bit tired and cranky today.

But, people:

– cycling is quite popular as a sport (and means of transport) in this country (and area);
– there is even a cycling club with your town’s name on it;
– bikes (and a normally busy mix of other traffic) do pass down your streets – really, not just me!
– walking out in into the road, pushing your baby out into the street, or halting your car half way across a junction, based on sense of hearing only, is really not cool…

This seems to happen here more than anywhere. I do announce my arrival (using various languages and sounds – no bell yet: seriously, do I need one?!). I really really really don’t want anyone to feel my Schwalbes or – being very honest – to engrave a cyclefucius-shaped dent in your streets.

cyclefucius is going to lie down now. But, dudes, please can we work together on this?


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