90 days to go: entering specific training mode

With 90 days to go to the major goal (85km MTB marathon around C√≥rdoba, Spain), the recommended training changes from “General” to “Specific”.

I’m still (more or less) following the Ronda 101km preparation timetable, even though I’m not doing that event, but it must be just as applicable to other long events.

So now it changes to the following:

  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: Two hours flat terrain at 60-80% max heart rate
  • Wednesday: Gym + 30 mins confortable spinning
  • Thursday: 30 mins warm up + 10x intervals: 1 km at 90 % effort, high cadence 85/90 rpm, then 1 km recovery conforable speed + 30 mins warm down
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 2.5 hours easy terrain with continual climbs and descents that make us change rhythm and postion on the bike
  • Sunday: 4 hour group ride varied terrain at cadence of 80 to 90 rpm

So we lose a gym session and replace with fourth ride which is a (tough) intervals session. And the other rides get a bit longer.

I’m not sure whether this is the training designed for competing to win or just getting round in good shape, but it seems quite nicely developed and varied. As the event is almost a month sooner than planned we might have lost a bit of base training. But cyclefucius say: let’s get specific.


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