How to train even more!

It’s nasty outside. All the layers and waterproofing in the world can’t eliminate that headwind that rotates and never becomes a tailwind.

And a little sniffle is just the thing to push you over the edge into an “extra rest day”. Or a seriously large sniffle that genuinely needs to be rested.

cyclefucius remembers someone once asking “why don’t doctors get sick?” And then answering their own question: “because they wash their hands”.

cyclefucius is always wary of dodgy science, but this seems hard to argue against (and seems to work for me).

But if cyclefucius is honest, his hands are probably pristine like a doctor’s surgery compared to … his own gloves. No need to elaborate on that. You know.

Don’t worry, I’ll still shake your hand. And I don’t have an obsessive aversion to doorknobs. And not using Dettol on the bars just yet… But a bit of soap and Ariel seems a worthwhile investment if it might avoid a day off. (Pro tip or grandfatherish preachy lecture? You decide!)



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