Dodgy science and clicky eyes

As regular readers will know, cyclefucius is not just a philosopher but a scientist as well. So cyclefucius appreciates how technology is great at providing access to the latest learning and potentially useful nuggets. On the other hand, technology is equally great at providing access to dodgy science and potentially harmful crapola.

So cyclefucius recently heard that all the blood in your body has to pass through your eyes. And that’s the most effective way that the wellness-generating and toxin-incinerating effects of sunlight enter the body.

cyclefucius has not been able to verify whether this true, in what timeframe, or what we really learn from this. “That’s why we like to be outside.” Or “That’s why we like to go on holiday to warm places”, maybe? And maybe the skin does the same job? Definitely in the category of dodgy science. cyclefucius will not be ditching the sunglasses (except perhaps indoors) or staring the sun, and certainly doesn’t recommend that anyone try it.

On the other hand, despite the protests of friends that this must be an urban myth, cyclefucius was able to verify from various sources the existence and skills of Daniel Kish. He’s the echo-locating “Batman” who despite not actually having eyes at all (seriously) is able to mountain-bike (by clicking like a bat) and generally contribute to helping blind people become independent and developing neuroscientific research into image formation. I loved this podcast (like all This American Life episodes). Definitely not in the category of dodgy science and I do recommend that you listen too.


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