Taking the jewels from the embers?

Cycling is weird. How many sports have no winner of their top event for various years? How many mainstream sports’ top events are really far too hard for anyone but freaks (natural or manmade)?

I seem to remember the word “superhuman” being used back then for Lance’s capacity for suffering and recovery. Should have known.

In some ways, cyclefucius finds the bullying and aggression that we now know about almost more disturbing than the actual cheating. Of course, who knows what others would have done or tried if not blown away by US Postal, Discovery etc. Maybe cyclefucius has become too worn down by the apparently endless revelations to be indignant anymore.

Anyhow, I am sure some won’t want to indulge, but I really like this video of LA doing weights. Very specific cycling related strength training that just makes sense. He wouldn’t win any prizes for the cleans, but the rest is functional and efficient. The upright rowing is perfect. And the step-ups are great (disclaimer – box must be 100% immovable and stable!).

No apology (or forgiveness) but cyclefucius is not above taking anything that works from anywhere he can. Opinions?


Lance Armstrong Workout
Lance Armstrong Workout Routine

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