cyclefucius takes on the laws of thermodynamics

cyclefucius – combining the physical and the metaphysical since 2014 – appears to have found a way to break some fundamental laws (makes a change from traffic laws – Ed.).

Alas gravity still works. (Though cyclefucius’s contemplation of the day is that the higher up the mountain you go, logically the pull of gravity must be less. So altitude training must not work?) Nor has cyclefucius discovered perpetual motion, alas again.

No, cyclefucius appears inadvertently to have purchased some “low calorie energy bars”. Now, there is no denying that cyclefucius hit the Turkey hard this festive season (so to speak) so his subconscious maybe trying to tell him something. But having to eat three of the little blighters in order to ingest sufficient energy to get home is in cyclefucius’s book neither thermal nor dynamic.

Hashtags “#Always read the label” “#Doh!”


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