Winter cycling: just how do you keep feet warm?!

BBB Hard Wear
BBB Hard Wear Overshoes

I love these guys. Freezing your tootsies off in winter is definitely in my top 10 of unpleasantness. They do look like something a baby should wear and it is definitely not possible to look tough in them (though usually they are coupled with plastic helmet, shoes you can’t walk in, stockings, and various other pastel or neon overclothes so this may be a moot point). These little guys even get a little perspirational they are so good (not sponsored). (If curious they are PU:12%, Neoprene:70%, Nylon Jersey 18%.)

Being frugal by nature, cyclefucius had tried various other methods without success such as:

  • wool socks, thick socks, two socks, three socks: old school methods that can work on short rides but if they make your shoes cease to fit and cut off the blood flow then that way lies trouble;
  • special winter boots, heated insoles: rich rural-elite methods (didn’t actually try those yet – there might come a temperature where these are the only way, but anything (i) outlandishly expensive, (ii) chemical; or (iii) battery powered seems a bit over the top);
  • lining shoes and or socks with aluminium foil: perhaps I didn’t use the correct industrial strength foil or maybe fucius perspiration is industrially stronger: foil disintegrated fairly quickly into a million pieces. Cling film also seemed to do nothing much. I have even heard of bubble wrap being used (?!)
  • socks and/or carrier/sandwich bags over the shoes: cyclefucius say: frugalicious!

So summer ankle socks, bigger cycling socks and these guys outside for me. Plus always keep torso warm (pro-tip: wear a short-sleeved cycling shirt as a base layer – fits perfectly and keeps body dry) and even put some hot orange in the bidon. Toasty! Any other pro-tips out there?


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