Rest day ponderings: Getting my fix

cyclefucius has always wondered about fixies. They seem to be “cool” and usually ridden by cool people around London, Amsterdam or New York, taken up in elevators (or found hanging jauntily in loft conversions). And they do look clean and cool and uncluttered (though not sure I would put brakes in the category of clutter). And some say that they are supergood for training. But cyclefucius can’t help but contemplate that this way one must always been in the wrong gear and somehow not getting the most out of time on the bike.

So yesterday my road bike turned itself into a fixie, as the rear changer jammed. Any rumours that this was because I left it unloved in the garage for so many weeks that it corroded are totally false. Or if true, I was away. Or injured. Or sick. Or riding one of my many other bikes. Or having a baby or something.

Anyhow, it was a novel experience as cyclefucius was indeed right – I was always in either too high or too low a gear. But undoubtedly there were benefits of being forced to go a much higher cadence on the flat and get up, stand up on the climbs.

WD40 and various other chemicals of dubious legality from the pound shop later and full 20 gear availability restored. But cyclefucius, being cyclefucius, wonders whether this was an experiment to be repeated (or perhaps just wants to be cool too). Anyone else got, use or sometimes emulate a fixie? Gimmicky or a real training aid?


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