Gone in 24 seconds

101km of Ronda registrations were full a massive 24 seconds after opening at 10am this morning. Clearly being faster on the bike than the internet, cyclefucius didn’t get one. As cyclefucius’s Australian cousin (Fastn Fucius) would say: “Bugga”.

cyclefucius is not one for being pessimistic but at a cool 3612 on the waiting list, we can safely say it doesn’t look good. It really looks rather unattractive.

What’s the best remedy for disappointment? Get on the road bike and bike. Fast. On the road. Strange how after some mountain biking the skinny wheels feel so… skinny … but a well set up road bike just seems to invite forward motion. Aaah. What disappointment?

Rest day tomorrow. May look up a few sportive opportunities. May not. Ha! Not bothered. On the contrary, actually that event that now must not be named served its purpose and got me on my way.


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