cyclefucius is not Ryan Gosling

Apparently Ryan Gosling does about 500 situps each morning before “shirt-off” roles (isn’t that all of them? – Ed.). And also eats nothing but steamed chicken and broccoli (or was that Hugh Jackman?). Anywho – he has abs.

cyclefucius has no visible abs (and I am faily sure only three visible quads, which explains a lot).

But on rest days like today, cyclefucius does like to indulge in a bit of core work, and has noticed significant improvements (i.e. decreases) in: (i) hand-numbness; (ii) back-ache; and (iii) making lists with little Roman numerals.

Unlike Ryan or Hugh, cyclefucius has no use for visible abs. And cyclefucius has come to the considered opinion that if we are exercising in order to get better at biking (rather than taking shirts off) then we should be doing things that emulate what we are doing on the bike. In the case of our abs, this is supporting the rest of us and staying stationery for long periods.

So planks. Try it. You’ll be pleased. They are hard. Start with two reps of 45 secs with 15 secs rest between. Already feeling hungry. Work your way up to 3 reps. Then increase the time – 60 secs each etc. Or occasionally try one single long rep for a long as possible – has a mental element similar to climbing hills (or putting your hand in the fire). Toight loike a toiger.

So rest day. Core and stretching. Peace.


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