Cyclefucius say: why not?

What’s the best thing about being off the bike for a while? Getting back on the bike. So cyclefucius had been off for a while (work, dog walking duties, children, general wear and tear) and got back on on 27 December 2014.

And the bike being the place where cyclefucius does most of his thinking, got to thinking: this is very enjoyable but where is it all going?

But the bike also being the place where cyclefucius has most of his great ideas, an idea went pop. 101 kilometres. Cross-country. Mountains. Uphill (mostly).

Home. Pre-register for Ronda 101 km MTB event. (Closes soon so get on with it.) Announce to Mrs. Fucius (not entirely without risk as already planning her birthday party around that time and may be a Grand Prix weekend too). Locked in.

Calculate time: 130 days and counting.

Create blog and announce to world. No backing out now. All those days to get ready…


2 thoughts on “Cyclefucius say: why not?

  1. This sounds familiar. I haven’t ridden a “proper” event for years, and for some reason I have entered the Tour of Flanders sportif on 4th April. But I am assuring my wife I am not training, just riding round.

    She is assuring me I am lying, and she has rarely been wrong in 25 years of marriage.


    1. Thank you! That really is a proper event. Explanations such as “physical challenge”, or “beautiful, history-infused places” are often only understood by other cyclists… (but tolerated by others when the alternative may be hanging regretfully around the house)


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