The only way I could have felt more virtuous was…

The only way I could have felt more virtuous was if it had been snowing.

Actually not true. Arriving home my body temperature was sub-zero, but what a great ride, great views and great feeling.

If I’m honest, without the Ronda 101 challenge it would have been easy to either stay cosily at home, spend time with kids and do what most normal people do on New Year’s Eve.

But various layers and baby-bootees went on and off we go.

Ice, ice, baby:


Contrary to what Velominati say, always carry your own water:


Instead of sheep stopping play, sheep wisely get out of way:


View from the top? No, how do I get up there?


Rolling week’s training diary:

  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 1 hour MTB slow
  • Sunday: 90 mins soccer
  • Monday: 2 hour MTB real slow
  • Tuesday: mega weights session
  • Wednesday: 2 hour MTB feeling great (despite -6ยบ)
  • Tomorrow: rest day

Happy New Year (remember January 3rd for Ronda 101 registration – will feel quite silly if don’t get it…)


Becoming a beast in 5 months

Cycling Strength Training

Being very motivated, cyclefucius was curious to see the training programme recommended by the good people at La Legion who organise the Ronda 101 km event. Here it is. (In Spanish.)

The first few weeks go like this:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Gym + 30 mins light pedaling
  • Wednesday: 2 hours riding including 30 mins of intervals
  • Thursday: Gym + 30 mins smooth running
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 2 hours comfortable riding on semi-flat terrain, not exceeding 80% effort
  • Sunday: 3.5 hours group ride on varied terrain at a cadence of 80 to 90 rpm

So we notice we have 3 rides, two gym sessions and two rest days. cyclefucius likes to do weights on non-riding days so this is fine, but notices that the gym is always followed by spinning or running. Aha moment.

cyclefucius has been on a plateau for a while and wonders if this might unlock something. And cyclefucius’s version of intervals up to now had been riding up the same hill 10 times.

But at around 5 months from the competition this is pretty hardcore stuff. cyclefucius infers that: (i) this event is going to be hard – really hard; (ii) he will be going round with guys who are doing all this already and are beasts – really, beasts.

cyclefucius will need to play a bit with the rest days and – like all cyclists – juggle work and home life (and blogging). And, cards on the table, 3.5 hours is something he needs to work up to again.

But if we get stuck into this it could be breakthrough time. Time to become a beast.

Cyclefucius say: why not?

What’s the best thing about being off the bike for a while? Getting back on the bike. So cyclefucius had been off for a while (work, dog walking duties, children, general wear and tear) and got back on on 27 December 2014.

And the bike being the place where cyclefucius does most of his thinking, got to thinking: this is very enjoyable but where is it all going?

But the bike also being the place where cyclefucius has most of his great ideas, an idea went pop. 101 kilometres. Cross-country. Mountains. Uphill (mostly).

Home. Pre-register for Ronda 101 km MTB event. (Closes soon so get on with it.) Announce to Mrs. Fucius (not entirely without risk as already planning her birthday party around that time and may be a Grand Prix weekend too). Locked in.

Calculate time: 130 days and counting.

Create blog and announce to world. No backing out now. All those days to get ready…